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Our agents not only assist you when purchasing employee benefits from a carrier, but we also explain differences in the plans, get as many quotes as is needed to make a decision, , and even help get your employees enrolled through an online platform with instructional videos.  We also help with ongoing service like terminations, new hires, changes, and any other problems that may arise!

For most small groups, our broker fee is nothing!  That's right.  Our commissions are included in the rates, and rates for small groups (under 50 employees) are fixed by law and cannot be changed.  Therefore, even if a group does not use us as an agent, they will still have the same rates as a group who has the same plan and did use our services.  For employer groups with more than 50 employees or smaller self-insured groups, we work with you to build a consulting fee which ranges between 2% and 6% of the group's annual premium.

  • The short answer is: Service!  Service!  Service!  SBG is not only extremely reactive when issues arise, but they are proactive to mitigate issues on the front-end.  Whether that be creating renewals, setting up open enrollments, or simply making sure that compliance requirements are met, SBG has a process to make benefits easy for the group and its employees. 

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