Top 10 Insurance Mistakes

Common Obstacles

Don’t Jump Through the Hurdles Alone


Confusing insurance terms

Insurance Terms

We speak this language everyday and you should not feel like you have to. Follow the link to learn more about common terms used with health insurance.

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Missing enrollment deadlines

Enrollment Periods

When you are able to enroll into insurance is different for everyone. You are able to change your coverage each fall during the annual open enrollment.


Not Utilizing HSA Tax Benefits

HSA Accounts

Health Savings Accounts are only available with some high deductible plans. These accounts will increase your purchasing power when it comes to your health care needs due to the tax benefits that they offer. 

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Picking a plan based on premiums alone

Don't Pay More For Less

Higher premiums does not necessarily mean better coverage.  There are many things to consider such as networks and formularies.


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Navigating plan networks

Stay In Network

Each insurance carrier and the plans they offer have unique benefits and do not all cover the same doctors and pharmacies. Going out of network can be a costly surprise. Speak with us to be sure you know what your plan's network offers.

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understanding the cost of your medications

Drug Prices Vary

Prescription costs can vary based on generic or brand.  Checking the formulary is pertinent at keeping your drug costs lower.


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Picking the same plan as a friend

Friends Give Great Advice, But...

Policies are like not like clothes.  One size does not fit all.   What works for your friend, might not be best for you. Speak with us to have a complimentary review of your coverage needs.

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confusing Preventative and Diagnostic Care

Preventative or Diagnostic

The best example to understand the difference is a colonoscopy.   A colonoscopy is a preventive screening and is covered at 100%.  However, if polyps are found it no longer is considered preventive and will be considered diagnostic.


Knowing if you qualify for MnSure subsidies

Qualifying for MNSure

Income thresholds change every year and you may even qualify if you didn't in the past. Your age, size of your family, and where you live, can all make an impact on your subsidy amount,


Navigating and comparing plan options on your own

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Did you know that working with us is no cost to you? As a broker, we shop all the plan options available to be sure you have the right coverage that fits your needs and budget.

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